Prepare for a Career

All positions at MGE require a high school degree or equivalent. If you've reviewed our job types, you know most jobs require experience or training beyond high school.

Administrative and Clerical

  • Some positions require customer service experience.
  • Other positions require a two-year degree.
  • Still others require a four-year BA or BS degree in a related career field.

Successful MGE administrative and clerical employees share these characteristics:

  • Handle details well
  • Like working with processes, procedures and systems to manage information
  • Find reward in helping others
  • Good communicators


Most positions require a BA or BS degree.

Successful MGE business employees share these characteristics:

  • Technical, analytical and people-oriented
  • Ability to understand the big picture as well as work with details
  • Produce and maintain accurate facts and figures for business reporting
  • Enjoy looking at information to help develop strategies for daily and future business decisions


All positions require a four-year engineering degree

  • Computer
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Power

Successful MGE engineers share these characteristics:

  • Collaborative in working with project stakeholders
  • Innovative in the solution of engineering problems
  • Analytical in interpreting data


  • Some positions require hands-on experience
  • Other positions require a certificate from a nine-month technical program
  • Still others require a two-year associate degree from a technical college
  • See Technical Education and Training for more information

Successful MGE technicians share these characteristics:

  • Like using their hands and head
  • Enjoy physical outdoor work
  • Safety-oriented
  • Good with numbers
  • Thrive solving technical problems