Odana Hills Groundwater Project Details

Work was completed between January and May 2006 and included:

  • Constructing a pump house and installing filters and pumps.
  • Constructing a 30-inch intake pipe from the pond to the pump house. This large-diameter pipe allows intake water to move very slowly to minimize impacts to the pond habitat.
  • Constructing an underground infiltration field in a golf course rough area.
  • Installing underground pipes between the pump house and infiltration field.
  • Restoring the construction area including replacement trees and prairie plantings over the infiltration site.
  • Restoring the pond shoreline and the pump house area.

After a period of testing and control system adjustments, regular operation of the infiltration system began during summer 2006.

During December 2006 and January 2007, the underground water recharge area on the Odana Hills Golf Course was re-excavated to replace the infiltration media that did not perform to specifications. The material was replaced with washed gravel and backfilled. Surface restoration was accomplished in spring 2007.

Environmental improvements

  • MGE cooperated with a neighborhood committee and the City of Madison to implement habitat improvement measures for Odana Pond.
  • MGE worked with the Friends of Lake Wingra to construct a rain garden and informational kiosk near the infiltration site to help educate the public about ways to manage stormwater and help recharge the groundwater system. The rain garden handles runoff from the Odana Hills Golf Course parking lot.

Odana Pond habitat improvement

To help the long-term water quality and habitat of Odana Pond, MGE and Madison Parks Department worked with the neighborhood to make several additional improvements. These include:

  • Strategically placed logs for use by turtles and herons.
  • Created turtle nesting areas on the golf course side of the pond.
  • Installed bat houses to help control mosquito populations.
  • Planted native aquatic vegetation to improve fish and turtle habitat in the pond.

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