Natural Gas Service Expansion: Zone 24 - Waunakee - Highway 19

MGE is bringing natural gas to your area. By making the switch from propane, you may be able to significantly save on your heating budget. You'll also have convenient, safe and reliable service that is available when you need it.

Benefits of natural gas

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Estimate your potential savings by switching to natural gas. Note: Actual savings will vary depending on the cost you paid for propane and how much propane you used.

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  • Financial benefits: Over the past five years, natural gas prices have been less volatile than propane prices. MGE is able to provide natural gas with less volatility due to storage capacity as well as our ability to purchase from diverse locations and multiple suppliers. With natural gas, you will pay for the amount you use rather than paying up-front for heating fuel that can sit in your tank for months.
  • Convenience and reliability: No waiting for a delivery or fear of running out of propane. You will pay for the natural gas you use—after you use it. You won’t need to have a tank taking up space in your yard, or check on the level of fuel in your tank. MGE offers online billing and a budget payment plan, so you can easily pay your bills and distribute your annual costs more evenly.
  • Safety benefits: MGE customers have been safely using natural gas for more than 65 years. Because natural gas is lighter than air, it rises and dissipates quickly. Propane is heavier and thus has the ability to pool in the event of a leak. MGE adds a chemical odor to the natural gas so it can be easily detected if there is a problem. In addition, MGE's emergency response is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Conversion cost considerations

MGE will cover the cost to install the service lateral from your property line to your meter up to 65 feet. There is an additional charge of $6.50 per foot for gas line installation beyond 65 feet.

Converting to natural gas may require you to convert or replace your heating equipment. Your local heating contractor will be able to provide an estimate on equipment costs and financial incentives offered through Focus on Energy.

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To learn more about your potential savings and conversion costs by switching to natural gas, contact an MGE representative today.