Classroom Programs

Classroom Programs

An MGE representative will visit your classroom and present a prepared program, or with enough advance notice, prepare a customized program on an energy-related topic of your choice. Please allow at least two weeks' notice when scheduling classroom programs.

Where the Little Lightbulb Gets Its Juice (Grades K–3)
Take the mystery out of electricity. This 30-minute program will engage young students in a discussion/demonstration of how electricity is made and how it gets to our homes. A tabletop power plant model with hand-cranked generator is used to simulate electricity generation.

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Switch to Safety (Grade 4)
An MGE representative uses a tabletop electric safety model to illustrate and simulate potentially dangerous outdoor electric safety situations. Students will learn what to avoid and how to react to these situations.

Pockets Full of Energy (Grades 4–6)
A funny, interactive and entertaining approach to energy conservation. An MGE representative uses an oversized trench coat stuffed with household conservation materials to update students on the value of energy conservation.

Green Power Tomorrow (Grades 612)
Find out what's blowin' in the wind. MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program offers customers an option to purchase clean, renewable wind energy for their homes and businesses. Learn about MGE's latest renewable energy technology demonstration programs and how they benefit the environment.

MGE Solar Partnership (Grades 6–12)
Learn about MGE's Solar Partnership with area schools. Students will learn how to access real-time Web-based data from area photovoltaic electric solar installations and use that data to predict energy production.

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