Fall 2017
News Briefs

Learning About Safety, Energy and Environment

MGE is a resource for local classrooms to learn about energy safety, new technologies and the environment. We work with the next generation so they can learn firsthand about the energy choices that can help create a cleaner tomorrow. MGE's Energy 2030 framework sets goals for a more sustainable energy future.

Energy and the environment

Here's a sample of some of our programs for area schools:

  • In the classroom: Our free, relevant K-6 energy curriculum is perennially popular with teachers. More than 100 teachers request these materials annually. The Energy Skill Builder Programs include student books covering specific energy topics. The curriculum covers topics from renewable energy to circuits and conductivity.In the classroom
  • On the rooftops: MGE has installed solar photovoltaic systems on 11 schools in our service area. For example, at the Badger Rock Middle School, a Madison charter school emphasizing sustainability, MGE has two different solar technologies on the building's rooftop. The students can study the performance of the different solar technologies and can compare energy production.On the rooftops
  • Pedaling to learn: The Pedal Power generator is an educational tool for loan to teachers to use. This hands-on, legs-on tool allows students to experience how much human power it requires to produce electricity for a variety of different loads including incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, CFL bulbs, fans, radio and cup heater.Pedaling to learn
  • When it's time for some fun: MagicEnergy is a live, 30-minute energy/environmental education program for elementary and middle school students. The fast-paced program combines a strong environmental and energy message with juggling, humor, storytelling and plenty of audience interaction.MaGicEnergy


We also help teach children about energy safety.

  • Electric: We visit classrooms and teach electric safety to approximately 2,000 fourth and fifth graders every year. Our tabletop safety model illustrates and simulates potentially dangerous outdoor electric safety situations. Students learn what to avoid and how to react to these situations. We have offered this program for more than 30 years.
  • Natural gas: We also use "scratch and sniff" cards so students can identify the smell of natural gas and learn to put safety first.

To learn more, visit mge.com/schools.