Winter 2016 / 2017
News Briefs

NAAEE Fall Conference Draws Record Attendance

NAAEE Fall Conference Draws Record Attendance

The 45th annual North American Association of Environmental Education was recently held at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison, drawing more than 1,300 participants from throughout North America. The timing couldn't be better for this type of conference with environmental issues ranking high in many public polls.

Major conference themes and strands included applying research to increase impact, conservation and environmental education, educating for environmental communities, green schools, inspiring connections to the outdoors, and leadership and capacity building. NAAEE helps shape the evolution of environmental education and how it advances environmental literacy, STEM learning and the overall health of our communities and planet.

The Wisconsin Association of Environmental Education co-organized the conference. WAEE is the statewide nonprofit professional organization of environmental educators which supports environmental education through advocacy, networking, and recognition.

Wisconsin Utility sponsors for the NAAEE conference included MGE, Alliant Energy, WPPI Energy, Xcel Energy and American Transmission Co.