Spring 2016
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KEEP Summer STEM workshop

KEEP Summer STEM workshop

The Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) will offer a new STEM course at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center, Monona, Wis., for grade 6-12 teachers. The hands-on STEM activities presented in this course spiral around the topic of energy and have not been modeled in previous KEEP courses. Participants will design thermal heat shields using the "Engineering Design Process," explore the concepts of heat transfer, design an emergency egress system, build wind turbines, and learn about UV radiation. You will receive supplies and resources to take back to your classroom. You also will learn about the new Science CORE Standards, 21st Century Skills, and how to analyze your current labs for critical components. Scholarships are provided by Madison Gas and Electric to help offset the tuition cost.

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Exploring Energy Education Through STEM

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