Fall 2015
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MGE peregrine falcons

Four peregine falcon chicks hatched this spring high atop the MGE Blount Generating Station in downtown Madison. The chicks, Barrymore, Bartell, Majestic and Orpheum, were named after Madison's famous theaters.

Since 2009, 23 chicks have hatched at the Blount Station. The nest box was first constructed and positioned in 1999; however, it took 10 years for the first pair of mating falcons to use the nest box.

Peregrine facts

  • Peregrine falcons are on Wisconsin's endangered species list. Falcons were nearly extinct in the 1960s.
  • In 2014, a known total of 97 falcon chicks hatched at 31 nest sites in Wisconsin.
  • 47% of those chicks were hatched at power plants, which have dedicated nesting boxes for these magnificent birds.

You can learn more about peregrine falcons:

  • A Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources expert explains how the falcon parents teach the young to fly.
  • A National Geographic video shows the amazing speed and skill of adult falcons in the air.
  • Learn more about local falcons with "Wisconsin Falconwatch 2014" published by falcon expert Greg Septon.
Visit mge.com/falcons.


MGE peregrine falcons