Energy Skill Builder Curriculum

The following Energy Skill Builder Programs include self-contained, full-color student books covering specific energy topics. Skill Builders can be used as a one- to three-day supplemental energy curriculum component. Each title has a teacher's guide and reproducible quiz. Packaged in consumable class sets of 25.

These materials are available to schools served by MGE electricity and/or natural gas. Simply go to to preview materials and place your order. All materials for the 2012-2013 school year will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please limit your selections to one title per teacher and no more than 10 requests per school year.

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Mouse House Surprise - Discovering Electricity

Mouse House Surprise (Grades K-2)
Mouse House Surprise introduces young children to the concept of electricity through a family of mice when a storm knocks out their electric power. Young Sam and Jody discover that without electricity, they can't turn on the television, lights or other appliances. This unit consists of the "big book/little book" format for teachers and students.

The Treehouse Team Saves the Forest - Discovering Energy Conservation

The Treehouse Team Saves the Forest (Grades 2-4)
A resourceful group of animals, The Treehouse Team adopts a variety of energy-conservation measures so their village will not have to cut down part of their forest to make room for a new power plant. Includes simple math problems and introduces readers to energy-conservation concepts.

Paths for Electricity - Electrical Safety: Conductors, Circuits - and You

Paths for Electricity (Grades 4-6)
Students investigate circuits, conductivity, insulators, short circuits and grounding through hands-on work with batteries, copper wire and lightbulbs. Paths for Electricity teaches students the science of circuits, conductors, grounding and electric safety. Includes experiment packet.

Electricity From Water, Wind & Sunlight

Electricity from Wind, Water and Sunlight (Grades 4-6)
Students build working devices to convert wind and water power to electricity. Experiments with a photovoltaic cell are also suggested. Includes a Kit with photovoltaic cell.

Safe at Home - Leo learns about fuels and pipeline safety

Safe at Home - Leo Learns About Natural Gas (Grades 4-6)
Students are introduced to important home safety and conservation lessons including physical science principles about natural gas. Safe at Home targets specific science, language arts and mathematics standards.

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