Journey to the Future

Use our online course to learn more about clean energy and how we built our first wind farm.

Partnership With Schools

Welcome to the 2014-2015 MGE Partnership with Schools teacher resource area. MGE is pleased to provide K-12 educators whose schools are served by MGE gas and electricity with a broad range of energy education materials and services. All services and materials are provided at no cost. Some curriculum and written materials are available on a first come, first served basis. Quantities are limited. If you have specific program or information requests, please use the contact information shown below. To receive updates about these services, join our email group.

MGE educates customers today to help inform their energy decision making. We educate tomorrow’s stakeholders so they can help plan our energy future.

Just for kids

Energy activities just for kids: Energy Smart Kids

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Solar in schools

MGE purchased and installed solar PV systems on all high schools in our electric service area and uses a solar curriculum developed by area teachers and MGE.

For teachers

MGE provides the following educational materials and services free of charge.

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  2. Journey to the Future
  3. Energy Skill Builder Curriculum
  4. Classroom Programs
  5. Activity and Information Books
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  8. Teacher Professional Development

For more information

Jim Jenson
(608) 252-7091

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