Bill Definitions


CCF - one hundred cubic feet
CR - credit (do not pay)
kWh -kilowatt-hour

Bill Definitions

Administrative charge (gas) - Calculated based on your gas consumption. Covers MGE costs for purchasing and managing gas supplies. The administrative charge for customers buying their own gas covers the cost of monitoring and verifying use, additional billing costs and agent relations.

Customer charge - Covers a portion of the costs for gas and electric meters, lines or pipes that connect you to our local delivery system, meter reading, billing and record keeping. Calculated on a daily basis so you are charged only for the number of days you are a customer. Does not vary with the amount of energy you use.

Distribution service - Calculated based on your consumption. Covers the costs to operate and maintain our local delivery systems of gas pipes and/or electric wires.

Electricity service - Calculated based on your consumption. Covers the costs to produce, purchase and deliver electricity to our local distribution system.

Late payment charge - Covers our administrative and carrying costs of late payments. Applied to any portion of the amount due that remains unpaid from your previous bill.

Natural gas service - Calculated based on your gas consumption. Covers the cost of gas purchased from our suppliers and the delivery to our local distribution system. This charge varies from month to month reflecting the prices our suppliers charge.

State Low-Income Assistance Fee - Fee paid to the State of Wisconsin. Used to provide energy efficiency and utility bill payment assistance to low-income customers.

Therm (gas) - A measure of the heat content of the gas consumed. Therm use is determined by multiplying the CCF (volume) recorded by your meter by the therm (heat) factor of the gas.

Transition charge (gas) - Calculated based on your gas consumption. Covers various pipeline-related restructuring costs ordered by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). It is collected by MGE and then sent to authorized interstate pipeline companies.

Budget Payment Plan Definitions

Total budget amount billed - Total amount billed for all months in your current budget year. Your budget year is based on when you began participating in the budget plan. If you started the current budget year with a balance (debit or credit), it is included in this amount.

Utility service used - Actual cost of your utility service used since the beginning of your budget year.

Settlement balance - Your account balance. If you want to end the budget plan, this is the amount you would owe. If it is a credit, this is the amount we would owe you.

Settlement month - The month your budget year ends. During this month, you will either be billed or credited for the difference between what you paid and what you actually used during your budget year. The next month you begin your new budget year.

Monthly budget amount - Amount billed this month on the budget plan. Amount may be adjusted at six and 12 months.

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